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Welcome to the festering swamp. The odd bog. The Seeping Slough. A weird swamp hex-crawl adventure that will have players exploring a dangerous location that contains two dungeons, a village, several unique characters, monsters, and whimsical filth. This is an adventure for any fantasy or magical post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. Players can be any level from low to middle tier characters, but higher-level characters may find the bog just as fun to explore, albeit with less danger.

This project was created for Zine Quest 3 and as part of a stretch goal two companion zines. Slough: Beasts and Beauties and Slough: Survival Guide. 

What's in the adventure?

  •  19 Hexes to explore: Each hex is a mile-wide stretch of swamp, and requires one hour to trudge through.
  •  2 Dungeons: Each takes only a page for the map, and a few pages for the content. A witches cabin larger on the inside, and a gaping wound that leads into the behemoth that rots under the swamp.

 6 Special NPC Stories: There are more than 6 characters in the adventure, but these six are special. They have their own story to explore, their own goals and quests, and really make the adventure feel alive.

  •  Several factions: Factions ranging from the strange but peaceful villagers to blood worshiping cultists to followers of a plant god.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Slough_Beasts_and_Beautues.pdf 6 MB
Slough_Beasts_and_Beautues_BW.pdf 5 MB
Slough_Survival_Guide.pdf 2 MB
Slough_Survival_Guide_BW.pdf 2 MB
Stories_From_The_Slough.pdf 13 MB
Stories_From_The_Slough_BW.pdf 13 MB
Innards_Map.png 1,023 kB
Map.png 1 MB
Village_Map.png 930 kB


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Hi Folks, Does this differ much from whats on Drivethrough?

This is a bundle of all three booklets. On drive-through, it's split into three separate books. Same price, and content though.

Check out the discord channel here: https://discord.gg/sNw3hQm