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Space Rage is the 2020 GMTK jam game. This is a satisfying arcade shooter where the shooter is out of your control! You must protect him by using the environment around him and strategically sniping enemies. 

WASD or arrow keys to move the camera.

Click on various objects:

  • Doors, to open them.
  • Power ups, to activate them.
  • Aliens, to pop them.
  • The Gunner, to hill him.
  • Coins, to collect them.

This project was designed by a collaboration of Brandon Divine and James Andrews with voice acting from Nick Hockett and music by Presley Rodecap. This is our fist game jam experience, but not our first games. Check out night guardian demo and the full release on steam!

Come hang out at the Dapper Rabbit Discord: https://discord.gg/sNw3hQm

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDapper Rabbit Games
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsArcade, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Low-poly, Sci-fi, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


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First off, Awesome game guys this is extremely fun and addictive to play. Great way of throwing chaos into mix. Like the Namesake of this game I was raging a little bit watching the gunner run around and hoping he wouldn't get boxed in. Between watching the croc head's pathing and the gunner move from place to place it was definitely a hectic but fun. Great level of polish and detail. 

I noticed a few bugs though, sometimes on lvl 6 the boss would not spawn, the gun turret when activated hindered the player by locking on and shooting the player, the timer for actions would still tick as the game was paused, although it didn't mean you could use the action pause and do it again, the game still made you wait. If the gunners back was pressed against a door sometimes the crocs on the other side could still hit the gunner. Not sure if theses last two are bugs or not, but you can't collect coins during action cool down and starting from lvl 1 each time you died felt real bad.

Despite theses fault, I still want to play again and am in love with what you all have made. I intend to stream this game on Monday 7pm EST , if you all continue to build upon this game, I definitely see something amazing in the future. Superior performance indeed, if you feel proud, it is richly deserved  🌮


Thank you! The coin and the turret shooting the player are not bugs, the turret is a hazard, but it can also be useful in rare circumstances. 

I will definitely try to squash the rest of those bugs though. Did the level 6 boss spawn at all for you?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hmm I can respect those choices and I see what you mean about the turret. After getting to lvl 6 a 2nd time the boss  did spawn in, it didn't happen anywhere else


Since this is the jam version, thing might change in the future. But, I uploaded a new version that should have that boss spawn issue fixed (hopefully) and fixed an issue where the shotgun power-up was not appearing. 


Awesome thanks for the quick update, I'll play it in a little while and let you know if it happens again.